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We are Optometrists.
We care about you
and the planet. 

We can help you with anything eye related, come see us anytime by booking in on Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturdays at Myhealth in Clayton. 

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How we can help you.

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Eye Examinations

Eye tests are my bread & butter, & can be incredibly important in finding potential eye diseases & underlying health conditions. We are bulk billed for those who have a Medicare card.

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Disease Management

Not all eye problems are the same, each one requires a considered management plan. We can look after your dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, eye injuries & more. We can also co-manage with your eye specialists.

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Referrals & Reports

We have friends in helpful places, which means we can send referrals off to eye specialists & doctors. We are linked with the lovely GPs at Myhealth and they would be more than happy to see you too.

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Eye Medications

We are qualified to administer and prescribe eye drops to manage any issues I find. We can also write prescriptions for those eye drops you’re already on, if you can’t get
to the doctor in time.


Changing up the
world of Optometry

for the better.

Why we're here & how we plan to help

We want to be able to work closely as a team with your doctor, specialist, nurse, even your pet dog, if it means that we can provide you with the best patient care. As an eye health professional, we are here to teach & involve you in your eye health journey and show you there is so much more to an eye test than just "1 or 2".
We are also here to advocate for more sustainable business practices and be accountable for our actions on this Earth. We don't want to upsell something you don't need or tell you we can't put new lenses in your current frames. We want to give you the option to reduce, reuse & recycle your frames, lenses and contacts.

We only stock the best.
For the planet, that is.

Sustainable & ethically sourced eye wear made from recycled materials sourced from plastic pollution.

The glasses stocked in store will be eco-friendly, using bio-acetate or recycled materials. Bio acetate is plastic made from biodegradable cotton fibers, castor seeds or recycled ocean plastics. It means those plastic nets, fishing ropes and trawls are collected, sorted and turned into awesome frames because plastic really doesn't belong in our oceans. The glasses are premium, sturdy, hand crafted and make you feel good wearing them. 

The brands I currently stock in store are ECO, Polaroid and MonkeyGlasses.


Shipping waste?
No plastic here.

Carefully considered packaging &
delivery options the entire way.

Not only do we have to consider the products we buy, we have to consider how it gets to us. Online shopping is so easy now, we don't consider the impact of our habits, it's just a few easy clicks and boom, it's on our doorstep. 

When you order from us, we give you the option to
pick up instore & save on shipping fees or opt for our environmentally friendly delivery option. Our delivery partner is 100% carbon neutral by offsetting carbon emissions & investing in remarkable environmental
projects like the Myamyn Conservation Project & 
Boobera Native Forest regeneration project
All packaging for your items will be in compostable parcel bags, tape & labels. They're waterproof & durable like plastic, but 100% biodegradable & compostable. They're made from corn starch, so much tastier for your worms & compost bin than conventional plastic. No more hard to recycle packaging & pesky bubble wrap!

Did I mention,
I recycle all my

eye wear.

Reduce, reuse & recycle.
That's how we do it!

It is incredibly important we carefully consider where our waste is disposed and responsibly taken care of. I've partnered up with Terra-cycle, who run a recycling platform that collects waste, recycle it and transform it into raw material for re-use.

Come and drop your waste in. We collect any old broken glasses or used contact lenses, cases and all.

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Find me here.

Shop T.50A, Myhealth Clinic, M-city
2107-2125 Dandenong Road,
Clayton, VIC, 3168

Mon - Tues


Wed - Thurs




Public Holidays

9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm

9am - 1 pm



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